i have been having a very fun few days. ever since i got my results. i forgot what i did on friday…if anyone happens to know, please tell me. saturday when watfort with karen and got myself nothing except a very full tummy at the buffets. hmm i do love food.

sunday….church in the morning and then party at night  where i was mistaken for having a glass of pure vodka…. it was just cheap lemonade. had sips of this and that and they all tasted much worse then my tesco lemonade. dad picked me up at 10:00, i m such a good girl

monday… church thingy at that place thingy. i still am not too sure what it was. but most of my buddies where there which made it very fun. kids are so fun to lookafter……….. then….went back to karens and i can finally say that i am not afraid of her dog anymore  then…..back to mine for some random last minute bbq and sing k.

today. went to woodhouse college to hand in my form and to learn how to acturally get there. its gonna take about 1hr30mins every morning for me to get to school from now on  then went to my work place to give them chocolate and cards to make them happy so that they will take me for a summer job or something.

argh…been typing too long. this week had been very fun and the fun shall continue

just finished watching along came polly. hmm good stuff

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