(to people with xangas)


th_13 whek…



what can i say?? what a night! you girls really did it this time! cant
even remember the last time we had a sleepover…. THANK YOU so much
for the whole surprise thing! it was really unexpected! well done. and i
loved EVERY single thing you guys got me!!!!! i enjoyed myself last
night alot. 2 cheesy girly films. doing our hair. noodles in the middle of the night.  mid-night chats *with weifong mainly
coz she was the only one who stayed awake with me* and then worship the
next morning =) ohhhh thank you SOOO much my dear girls! thank you for all the on going love and fellowship

 th_13 et joe ewic…


SWAROVSKI! man…. didnt know you guys would have such good taste… i
underestimated you…! the necklace is….how can i put this…..truly
beautiful and the booooook! hehehe just what i wanted. cant wait to
read it! i dont know how much i can thank God for each of you! oh and i
guess i want to thank you for looking after me in ss….. well you
didnt look after me… i looked after you…but anyway….=)
*oh ewic…now i know why you asked, if someone gave me some expensive ming-pai would i wear it…well i would! and i will =) *

 th_13 fudgie…

you heard me scream……lol i cant believe you did that!!! *scream
MORE*THANK YOU… i can not thank you enough for being my friend…my
cry friend…my nutty friend…my always-know-how-i-feel friend (etc) i
have to thank you MOREEEE for taking me down to memory lane! i still
havent finished reading the map. i want to save it. bits by bits each
day! and relive those never forgotten days!! we will forever build more
and more memories untill even the map of the world runs out of space.
love you SO MUCH sis ❤

 th_13 mui…

hahahah you got it! lol now i can have straight hair like EVERYDAY.
isnt that cool! ooo btw. happy birthday to you today! welcome to the
world of 18….! *oldness* thank you for counting down with me 12-12.
thank you for being the best mui EVER. thank you for always listening
to me…chat crap 24/7…. hehehehe i feel privileged to have a mui like
you! *i had my hair cut today….just thought you might want to know that…*

 th_13 sharon…

IS A POP-UP CARD* sharon the card is SO beautiful! just like you! when
i opened it. the cake popped out… so did my heart ❤ ” you are so
artistic is wonderful! coz you can make me pop up cards every year!!!
thank you for being my sor por & deen por… my sharon baron *forgot
the rest of your name =(* saranghae << is that how you spell it?!
doesnt matter you know i love you already 😉

 th_13 james…..
(if youi still read my xanga)

i wanted to LAUGH SO much when i was looking through it! you are a good
photographer you know! keep it up! thank you so much for the present. i
JUST LOVE IT! soooooooooo very much!!! thanks for taking me along to
your hike! and for building me a car…. im sure the car is on its way
right?! thank you for all the effort you put into this! and thank
will for the idea =) 


for posing with that! makes me laugh every time i look at it! thanks
for being you very goodlooking self even in rainbow ear muffs lol


that was the bestest 18th birthday week…EVER (ok i’ve only ever had
one 18th and only ever will have one…but you know what i mean) im
just so blessed to have you brothers and sisters! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

they all use me as thier mistake on their way… everytime….
i’ll stay here just to help you learn….?

16 thoughts on “

  1. hahaha WHEK!!!bring it on!lol man dat night was HILARIOUS!! shared so many memories and laughs! DRUNK ON THE HOLY SPIRIT MAN!!!wohoo! soooo glad you liked it gal!and hope ou had a bundle of laughs!glad you liked it all! my special TT forever!hahaha take care xx


  2. Chatting until past 6am in the morning about how we are going to die alone and never get married … good times …
    And the best thing was, we found so many more things that we have in common, including making our tea the same way …
    TWINS forever!


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