No Place Like Home (and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)



As much as we love travelling, there is truly no place like home. We love returning to home our familiar (but slightly messy) surroundings. There is nothing quite like the feel of your own mattress, the smell of your pillows and a slipping into a fluffy pair of slippers.


We have teamed up with Morlands Glastonbury to bring you some luxurious footwear you can wear at home. They are not only cosy, they are also very very sophisticated!

These Morlands slippers are the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. Know a mum that never stops even when she is at home? Well, now she can do that in style and feel utterly luxurious at the same time.

Don’t panic if you have forgotten about Mother’s Day, Morlands Glastonbury has offered our readers an exclusive 10% discount with the code BLCH10 (valid until 27/3/17). So get shopping!

On to the product review! Ladies sheepskin slippers- Seaforth


The shipping was very fast and they came in a sturdy green shoe box. Each slipper was cased in its individual bag to prevent any damage to the surface caused by rubbing. They also threw in a shoe horn for free!

Look and feel

These slippers are not ones you can pass by without noticing! These ones are in a lovely rose colour. They are from hand-crafted from unique silky suede  and lined with Morlands’ signature sheepskin. They really do scream luxury and comfort.


These are a UK size 5 and they are a snug fit for me mainly because they are so fluffy inside. But with time the material will loosen and they will feel less tight. If you don’t like slippers being too tight, I would advise ordering one size up. Please check their size guide when purchasing.



At £64 a pair, they are not the cheapest slippers around. But considering that they are made with high quality suede and sheepskin, it is a very fair price! Plus, you or your mum will feel a million dollar strutting in these!

Final thoughts

I think these slippers are the perfect Mother’s Day gift or just something to have at home that you can look forward to jumping in after a long trip away. There is no doubt that these handcrafted slippers are made to the highest standards.

You should also check out the other slippers by Morlands Glastonbury here: I particularly like their Victoria range!

So hurry, don’t forget to use your 10% discount code BLCH10 before 27/3/17!
**Disclaimer- These slippers are a gift from Morlands Glastonbury in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and photographs are my own**



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