Grand Canyon South Rim with Pink Jeep Tour



On our last post, we shared about seeing the Grand Canyon from above. This time we are taking you on a special ground tour, the Pink Jeep Tour!

We toyed with the idea of renting a car and driving ourselves to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, we even booked a hotel near the Grand Canyon National Park. We dreaded the long drive on unfamiliar territories and then the opportunity to join the Pink Jeep Tour came up. We were delighted and quickly cancelled our hotel booking!

Don’t get me wrong, driving around the Grand Canyon would have been really nice too but with the Pink Jeep tour (~ 13 hours) you are being picked up in a luxury van with air con, food and an expert tour guide! Our DIY tour would have taken us 2 days out of Las Vegas.

We chose to take the Grand Canyon South Rim Tour from Las Vegas as we were already seeing the West Rim the day before.

Here is the rough itinerary of the tour:

  • 6am pick up from our hotel
  • Breakfast served
  • Drive through Mojave Desert and Route 66
  • Pit stops/ toilet breaks along the way
  • Lunch
  • 12pm arrival at Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Visit to Bright Angel Lodge for souvenirs
  • Up to an hour free time to walk along the South Rim, starting from Mather Point
  • Time to visit the museum, shops and Yavapai observation Station
  • Pit stops, including a stop at Route 66
  • Drop off at hotel around 7pm

The vehicle

The vehicle was not actually a jeep but a luxurious trekker van with large windows and comfortable reclining seats! This beats driving ourselves there with a small rental car for sure!

Food and drinks

Breakfast and lunch were served in the vehicle and we were stunned by the quality of the food! Portions were generous too which meant we didn’t have to purchase extra food along the way. Complementary bottled waters were available at all times.

Tour guide

One of the main advantages of taking this tour instead of a DIY tour is the expert knowledge of the tour guide. Our tour guide, Debbie, clearly loved her job! Her passion and enthusiasm really kept us going despite our early 6am start. We learnt so much about the Grand Canyon and it definitely helped us appreciate it even more when we got there. Debbie understood what the group wanted and she tried her very best to accommodate everyone. She even went out of her ways to make sure we all got the photos that we wanted. She never rushed the tour to make sure we were able to spend the maximum amount of time there.

The journey

The journey didn’t feel long because of the entertainment that was provided by Debbie. The drive was also a very scenic one. There is a TV in the vehicle and a few movies were played on our journey back. The best thing about the journey was being picked up and dropped off right at our hotel! The timing of the tour also meant that we go back just in time for dinner.

South Rim

Every part of the Grand Canyon amazes us. The south rim was beautiful and we had enough free time to explore by ourselves and stopping for photos along the way. A tip from us, do not spend too much time at Mather Point for photos as it is often VERY crowded. Keep walking and you will find quieter spots further along and you can enjoy the view in peace.

We cannot recommend the Pink Jeep Tour enough! Everyone was treated like a VIP and the tour guides are there to ensure you have the best time possible. We are really glad to have experienced the Grand Canyon with them! We probably would have gotten lost if we took a DIY trip….


*Disclaimer: We were invited as guest on the Pink Jeep Tour but all photos and opinions are our own*


46 thoughts on “Grand Canyon South Rim with Pink Jeep Tour

  1. A few years ago I went with my brother and SIL and we flew to Las Vegas and rented a car and drove to Williams Az. From there we took a wonderful train ride to the S rim and stayed a couple of nights at the Canyon and took the various bus rides to see the sights…kind of a hop on hop off thing at your own time frame. We then took the train back to Williams. I so loved the train. They served snacks and had an open bar. We were in the rear car, all adults and seeing the countryside and the clackity clack of the train was so soothing.


  2. ooh i am off to vegas with my sister in February and we are concidering hiring a car too – i will tag her in your facebook post to see what she thinks as this looks ideal.


  3. Wow this is amazing! Im planning a cross country road trip at the end of summer and I can’t wait to visit the Grand Canyon during it! 🙂


  4. Sounds like you had a fun day! The Pink Jeep looks amazing & quite roomy inside. I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas & the Grand Vanyon so if I do head there then will look them up 😊


    • Bring warm cloths, can get pretty windy there. It snowed the day after we went (in March) and we were told it can snow randomly there… if you go south rim, walk a bit further down to take picture, all the tourist will be taking pictures as soon as they see the canyon and they will get in your way!! Try go for sunset (we didn’t) to get amazing photos


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