Top 5 Travel Money Tips



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We love to get the most out of our money, especially when it comes to travel. So here are some tips on travel money and all things currency related!1) Plan

As with everything, having a plan before travelling causes less stress. With money, the more you plan, the more you are going to save! So our first tip is to plan and do your research!

Things to consider: – What currencies dose the country use? Do they accept more than one currency? – What kind of payment method do they accept?  Card? Cash?

2) Ask your friend

Before you compare currency rates, ask around to see if anyone you know has that currency lying around at home. They are most likely willing to sell it to you are a cheaper rate than most banks and bureau de change. It will benefit both of you in the end!

3) Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards are usually where you can get the best exchange rates. There are so many travel credit cards available these days we are unable to list them all.

We recommend using comparisons websites such as (UK ONLY) to find the best deals and credit cards with the most benefits.

Some cards like Monzo allows you to draw cash out for free abroad.

We love using travel credit cards because you don’t have to worry about taking cash out before your trip.

4) Bring a small amount of cash


The amount of cash to take out depends on where you are going to. If you are travelling to a less developed place, you may need to take more cash out as credit cards are likely not going to be widely accepted.

For an places where credit cards are widely used (eg, USA, UK etc), we would recommend taking around 20% of the total amount of spending money you require out in cash. This is useful for taxis fares and in case of emergencies.

5) Try and spend your cash

Do try and spend the cash you take out before going home (unless you intend to visit that country again). This will save you the hassle of exchanging it back and losing money through that process.

Petty holiday cash is a great excuse to do some last minute shopping!

We hope that this is useful for you! What are your best travel money tips? Comment below and let us know!!

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Travel Money Tips

  1. I always end up coming home with a tonne of money! And I never get round to getting it exchanged, it just sits in a draw and collects up waiting for the next holiday in 3 years time… LOL! Usually I try sell it to my friends / family if they are traveling somewhere using that currency!
    Much love, caitylis x x


  2. I usually travel with 2 cards (Amex + MasterCard) to make sure at least one of them usually works. I try not to have any cash if not necessary. Especially I’m avoiding local currencies because it’s sometimes hard to spend them. I usually carry some Eurs and USDs with me and accept other only if it’s the last change. It’s also a safety thing – if you have hundreds of cash the insurance usually doesn’t cover it all and it also makes you better target for pickpockets.


  3. Wonderful tips! Bringing some cash is always important as you can’t trust in the machines in some places and well, some don’t necessarily even take one as a payment.


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