yesterday went over to karens with elaine and weifong and we had a girly day to mark the end of our exams. we started off with some baking. chocolate chip cookies we were making…..

^ trying to understand the weird scale

^ cookies in action

^ the way it turned out  …only kidding, it was a picture out of a cook book

^elaine posing with the cookies

^the real result….most of them were pretty much burnt but it wasnt too bad…

^it was truely NICE…..

we watch 50 first dates and it was ROMANTIC (weifong….), we went to asda aswell on the way to my house. one of the most entertaining supermarket trip ever.

qoutes of the day:

karen- you have 1 egg, i have 3, that means we have 4 eggs

karen- (explaining to me and elaine) you know orange skin? the skin on the oranges….

elaine- kill-it bang

weifong- (watching ROMANTIC film, two people kissing near the sea) THATS DANGEROUS!

last post before i go hk, have a good summer people.

i discovered a whole new world. i have a digital tv box thingy and it has like E4 and stuff like that on it.

so what do i go and do? watch big brother…. it is beyond rubbish. but i have watched it all day today.  i need a life

packing very slowly…

my first FREE weekend.

saturday i was being a big girl and took millions of buses all the way to finchely on my own..without knowing exactly where i had to get off the bus and such. pretty brave i was. when to school friend sonia’s house and she took me to see her nieces. they are so cute. one is…nearly 2 and the other…2months. she spoke in some indian language but i was able to pick up on a few things untill i got fed up and taugh the 2 years old spanish. she now knows how to say ‘how are you’ in spanish. smart kid

sunday, slept at 1 and woke up at 7. thats earlier then school.

BS, i got all the attention and was picked on

tpf was beautiful as usual. with some new funky games involving onions. i enjoyed it every much becasue i didnt have to eat it.

natalie gave a talk on worship against all odds which i enjoyed very much. and i remembered all the points too!!





and no i didnt copy that from eric’s blog…..

after church when to see my potential new house. pretty cool place, me and karen got all the BIG things sorted already where we can have our girly sleepovers, hangouts and places to hide if we ever play hide and seek..

ahh longish blog.

one more thing….

when does admiration turn into jealousy?

i have been waiting for this day for WAY tooo long


 life is beautiful, but its even prettier when a month or exams are over! i wont need to wake up every morning and say…crap i didnt do any revision. I AM FREEEEEEEEE//

ooo this feels nice! cant beleive i got through all that. it is really rewarding when its over. o i am just way to happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you tell?  

i am very bitter today… dont know whats wrong. just kept biting everyone i see… feel so angry inside but dont know what exactly…

had a violin lesson today. and guess what my teacher told me…(ordered me) to do… she wants me to practice violin during hk, she expects me to bring my own violin there or to hire one there… she even suggested to buy one in hk. is it just me or is that a little extreem? or i am just too lazy becasue i dont want to play instrement when i am away on holiday (shopping)…  

on the more  side.



  (i thought i would be sad and do one for myself…)


got up early becasue i had to go check out my work experience place. was really scared, didnt really know what to expect. anyhow, when there with mum and waited for some lady to see me. oh…is a company that does ladies speical occassion and evening wear… (karen, you would have loved it there..they had the most pretty dresses)

she took me around to see the people, i was pretty quite and was really polite….  it wasnt bad, people seemed very nice. 2 weeks working there…9 to 4…. hmmm big girl now   still really scared… what if i do something wrong and mess up their whole system?

ah well, i wont have to worry about that untill i come back form hk.

2 more exams to go… must persevere!!!!!

hope everybody did well in their history exams

i think this tree is realy cool….dont you?

17/06/05 friday :

when to central london to attend my brothers’s university’s degree art show cast exhibition. but not untill a shopping trip with mum down at oxford street. there were a lot of so call ‘modern art’ things like random black squares on the wall….random food on the floor were considered as art…

i liked the fashion part the most, so impressive…! i collected alot of fancy postcards and tthings produced by the students

18/06/05 saturday:

revision, sunbathing, sunbathing and sunbathing without the revision…

19/06/05 sunday:

HOT day at church but was all lovly, very hard to concerntrate dued to the heat. then after chruch to karen and fudgie’s grandparents house for dinner….. all i can say is…. YUM…! dont know why, even normal rice tasted extra good!

(me and fudgie’s blog seems very similar with the art and dinner thing!)

i am really fairy much bored – – – – – – – can you tell? – – – – – – – – – – –

i was looking at some old pictures….and i found one which i am pretty proud of….


notice anything? beside my not-so-pretty face..? yep, that boy is Dudley from Harry Potter! he used to go to my school..his name was harry or something. aw well~ i got a picture with a famous(ish) person.

heheheh anyway…just want to ‘show off’….

i feel so FREE. only 2 more exams left then i am DONE and only like…15days till hong kong. i am ready to do some shopping!!

science when really bad today…i didnt really cram in enough. but is over, and i will never ever have to do physic again.

any suggestions of what i can do with my FIVE days weekend (beside revision ofcourse…)? i m off to enjoy myself =D


this is Hansu Chhon- Nusnis of Paracetamol reporting her day:

 i would like to proudly say something… I WILL NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE LEARN MATHS AGAIN, NOR WILL I NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER MATHS TEST! my maths life is OVER. man…gonna miss doing trig and finding the value of x….

when i did the maths paper today, i was kinda scared but after an hour it was ok. and the realised that the questions werent all that difficult  God is kind to me. he gave me peace in my . i learnt afterward that i got a few things really wrong…but the thought of never doing maths again got the better of me.

only 3 exams left now ^^ and its all been good. as elaine said, it really does help when you have a bunch of supportive brothers and sisters praying for you. thank you all. exams come and go… i think i am gonna miss the whole exam thing. in a sad way…is been kinda fun!!??

really random..but any one know how to STOP split ends ( i know you have to cut it….but how to stop the ones that are normal to not split?) and how to make hair grow faster?! any type of food that will make hair grow longer?

i m not a fan or star wars but i came across this while i was ‘revising’ for maths: (get paper and pen) :

How to determine YOUR StarWars name:

Your New First Name:
1. Take the first 3 letters of your 1st name.
2. Add the first 2 letters of your last name.

Your New Last Name:
3. Take the first 2 letters of your Mom’s
4. Add the first 3 letters of the city you
were born

Your Star Wars Honorific Title:
1: Take the last three letters of your last
name and
reverse them
2: Add the first three letters of the make
or model
of your first car
3: Insert the word “of”
4: Tack on the name of the last
medication you


mine is: Hansu Chhon- Nusnis of Paracetamol….not the coolest star wars name i have to say….

go try yours and let me know!