when everything goes well and i am able to love you,
remind me to praise You

when everything goes wrong,
remind me to seek You

when a friend leaves and rejects my love and care,
remind me of You grace in times when i reject You

when other people are doing things that harm themselves and their relationship with You,
remind me that You are sovereign and You have them in Your hands

when my effort goes unnotice, when my sacrifices are not acknowledged,
remind me that my rewards are stored in heaven

when i feel alone,
remind me that You my only one

when i forget,
remind me of the Cross


i’ve been potholing once. basically…. you are dressed in silly clothes with a helmet and you crawl in darkness through some super narrow artificial underground pipes….

i am claustrophobic. i despise potholing.

what i hate most about potholing (despite the fact that it is absolutely pointless) is that once you are in…. theres no backing out. there are people in front and behind you on all fours in the dark crawling. it is not physically possible to decide half way that you dont fancy pushing yourself through some pipe.

thats what it felt like for the pass few months. stuck in a tiny tube, dying to get out but realising that i’ve gone too far in to back out now.

but im glad that the Christian walk is a little like potholing. im glad that i wasnt able to just give up when i feel like it. i had no choice but to keep pushing myself through that little tube, squeezing every little bit of me.

although i have not yet reached the end of this potholing course, im in a place of rest right now where it is exposed to the sun and it is no longer narrow.

i can see the rest of the course ahead of me, it looks just as dark and just as narrow. but He is restoring me now so that i can crawl back into that pothole until i actually finish the course and see the Light for eternally.

‘ In the presence of a Holy God, there’s new meaning now to Grace ‘