[i am only updating coz i was asked to….not really borthered to
update about my life any more…(note how past 50 blogs were all of
pointless stuff) xanga seems pointless nowadays… but i shall continue
updating for my own sake. so i can look back and laugh! therefore i am
not forcing you to read this]


for more interesting detail : read fudgie’s blog

-11:00> meet up with fudige and ewic
-11:03> walked about the quiet camden town
-11:05> i screamed coz i got freaked by a shop
-11:10> we found half the shops were not opened at this early hour of near-xmas day
-11:30> discovery of cute fake tshirts
-12:00> due to boredom, walked out of scary part of camden and decided to walk to leicester square
-12:17> decided to tube it there instead
-12:26> discovery of ewic only having 70p left in his oyster card
-12:32> managed to walk around LS…and ended up where we started
-12:40> McD for lunch and
where we got chucked out (as reminded by fudgie) with the authority us
girls are naturally born with, we indirectly forced ewic to get us
sauce for our chips.

-12:50> walk to trocadero
-1:02> decided to put money into a pathetic shooting game that i wanted to play
-1:04> made my first and only shoot that acturally hit the target
-1:09> discovery of TICKETS!
-1:10> [ok this is boring
me…… ]due to ewic’s slight gamble addiction… we processed on
playing gambling games and won 287 (288) tickets of which consist of 2
‘stolen’ tickets
-3:00> got called to COME HOME
-3:15> went home happily
with our snooker balls and fruit salad (credit goes to ewic-
contribution on total £5, fudgie- contribution of 20p, me- 5p that got
-3:40> ewic’s gambling
addiction lives on as he hoped hopelessly at the chance of winning £40,
more importantly the bottle of free coke which might have been there
for at least 20 years
-5:00> arrival at fudgie’s house
-5:38> developed a fond interest in her cat

note: times recorded might be incorrect as i just made it all up….

some pictures to keep those little eye balls spinning and to be kept healthy
(for a better and more effective remedy, please refer to fudgie’s

result of GAMBLING:

my new found favorite cat on earth:

note: only tonal images are shown due to failed attempts of photography

fun day yesterday with karen in harrow =D i screamed in her house because pepsi scared me….wild dog…


for my oh-so-fab art project. oh i have such fulfilling life

i love this picture…. GOT THE URGE? urger…hahaha……URGER….!

(dont mind them stupid pictures….they are there to keep myself amused….)


was spent productively in jap class and violin and brent cross and internet and tv and FOOd

MEDLINK 2005 Nottingham

here are the WORDY part (as suggested by elaine! heehee just like momo!)

* 4 days. learnt too much! amazing experience.
* lectures- 9am- 9/10pm everyday= TIRED
* room= not TOO bad…. kind of shared this little room with 2 bedroom inside it and a bathroom with my friend.
*  food wasnt all that bad
* uni life scares the living daylights out of me
* dont think i can make it as a doctor
* would LOVE to be a doctor….
* we’ll see what God wants me to do
* all 4 days we looked at pictures with blood, open wound, flesh etc
* i now know what to do with UCAS forms and interviews
* i want to take a gap year to get more experience and to really serve God
*weifong forgot her lab coat for me so i had to wear a stinky one!
* all in all. amazing experience! really glad i went!!

the picture part….

since the last time i blogged.. i am:

  • £22 richer
  • uglier
  • more excited about christams
  • closer to GEEKISIM
  • colder
  • sadder
  • missing you more


from the past few days

birthday boy and mummies

funny picture of party poper rockets….
monkey and i

hippo-orange and i

long table of parents and food
xmas frog in my cracker….
30 batteries i got for £1


next time i blog….will be when i actually have something to say…


Cause you and I both loved

What you and I spoke of

And others just read of

Others only read of the love, the love that I love

And it’s okay if you have go away

Oh just remember the telephone works both ways

And if I never ever hear them ring

If nothing else I’ll think the bells inside

Have finally found you someone else and that’s okay

Cause I’ll remember everything you sang

I’m finally out of, finally, deedeeededede

well I’m almost finally, finally, finally out of words


what do i do to cheer myself up after a long bad day where i woke up
really dizzy and rocking all over the place…discovered a swollen eye
*OUCH*…being really tired at college and being really dizzy and ….
bad hair day…..and yeah….well ….

nothing better then to find your dearest old norah jones and listen and relax in the shower


as i walk alot now on my own i think of wonders~

1         2        3         4
how cool am i?! …….. no…DO NOT answer that…



this has to be the stupidest art i have ever done in my life….stupid
art teacher likes it though…silly woman. got tones more art work to
do…. but the fun is still there…just about


thats enough crap for the day…..
gonna wake up tomorrow
knowing there shall be no college
then sit and get paid…
awww this is life


christmas is near
colours are back

update….coming soon…..


as promised…
*dont try and look for me…coz i am part of the costume team*



FANTASTIC show! one down, two to go!

guess what i just did……..

stabbed my thumb with a pair of SHARP textile scissors
(karen would know how sharp they can be) while trying to make a pair of
denim shorts…. it has been bleeding non-stop for the pass half an hour…….. SMART OR WHAT

* ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘  *


went to
rehearsal of the college musical today. really didnt do much. just tucking people into their costumes. left at around 2 in order to go to




* ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘  *

the concert

-5 parents attended (unwillingly)
-horrible playing FROM ME
-fabulous playing from wilson
-all in all…..
                    a waste of time
so i decided to give my violin a photo shoot. free of charge (seeing xanga now allows me to load pictures!)

so handsome

* ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘  *

thank you

thank you joe for the knitting needles…. but i am a bit disappointed that they arent the blink 182 ones….. but they still ROCK

+out goes the rain video+

Q: how can you make a blog REALLY boring?
A: by doing this………………..

————– tear along the dotted line ————–


load it up with irrelevant  pictures…..


————– tear along the dotted line ————–


add in a bit of chemistry joke…

A Neutron walked into to a bar and said: “How much for a drink?”

And the bartender said: “No charge!”

What is Ba(Na)2


Q: How many physical chemists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Only one, but he will change it three times, plot a straight
line through the data, and then extrapolate to zero concentration.

————– tear along the dotted line ————–


there is no step three…. the aim has been achieved…..

sorry for wasting your time

i had fun….did you?